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Freeware Guide
Freeware Guide


What is HTABOXQuick?

         It is a tool that converts the HTML application into the EXE file.

The technique that can most easily make the applications is HTML application.

Only because the control such as buttons is arranged with HTML, and operation is described by the script named JScript and VBScript, wide use is possible from the programming beginner to the expert.

However, the HTML application had been used only for a personal tool. The maximum reason is that the source code was not able surely to be protected. Moreover, it is not easy to distribute it in shape to bring the file of the image etc. used with HTML together is a fault.

HTABOXQuick is a dream tool by which the EXE file is generated only with the simple drop of two or more files that compose the HTML application, and operation that protects the script as an option of executed HTML becomes possible.

         Outline of HTABOXQuick

HTABOXQuick is a tool that can store the HTML file and the picture file, etc. in one EXE form file for a simple operation, and distribute it as an execution program. It is necessary to include at least one executed HTML file though there is no limitation in the number of files and the size that can be stored. The extension of the file judged to be executable is htm, html, and hta.

         Principle of operation

HTABOXQuick temporarily outputs the stored file, and executes execution and the marked HTML file as HTML application. When the window of the HTML application is generated, the file temporarily output is deleted. As a result, one EXE file seems to be executed in the distribution target. Therefore, it is necessary to execute the distributed EXE file on the medium always recordable the hard disk etc. .. TABOXQuick it...

It is necessary to use the HTABOXCore to distribute the HTML application as EXE file in the medium that cannot be written like CD and DVD, etc.This HTABOXQuick is an application made in the HTABOXCore.


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