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Use of menu


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Freeware Guide
Freeware Guide

Use of menu

The menu can be used from HTML stored in HTABOXQuick.

         Application menu and pop-up menu

It enumerates in the HTML application and the menu is enumerated by one of the insufficient one so far. HTABOXQuick can easily use the menu of light operation by pure WIN32API.

The application menu is defined by describing the TABLE tag of ID ="MENU" in HTML. The first line (TR) is used as a display character string of the route menu, and becomes a menu that cell (TD) of line (TR) since the second line can click. As for operation when selected, the function described in the onclick event of the cell is called.

If style =" display:none" is specified for the TABLE tag, the phenomenon that TABLE is displayed momentarily when the menu is constructed can be controlled though the TEBLE tag recognized the menu definition automatically becomes non-display.

The displayed pop-up menu can be similarly defined when right-clicking in the application window. In this case, the TABLE tag of ID ="POPUP" is described.

Appended Demo.hta is a content that symbolically expressed these notes. Please see the source code by all means.


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