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Freeware Guide
Freeware Guide

How to use

The file and the folder icon are dropped and it starts.

         Start method

Please select two or more icons of the file and the folder to be stored in the icon of Quick.exe and drop. Moreover, you may drop back to the displayed window. The dropped file and the file in the folder are enumerated and the list display is done.

         Setting at each file

The setting at each file can be changed by the necessity. The content of a set each item is as follows.


1.      Run
 It is execution file specification. Two or more execution files cannot be specified. The file of extension htm, html, and hta discovered first by the file list is chosen, and specify a correct file, please.

2.      Encode
 The execution file is stored for on this check in the EXE file while encrypted. It becomes impossible to read the content of the file even if the EXE file is forcibly looked at with the note pad therefore.

 Moreover, when output temporarily and executed, Perth is done with the engine in EXE and the script block is forwarded to the HTML instance. As a result, the script code can be concealed. Please see 'Note when it encodes' for details of encode.

3.      Single
 A double start from the same passing is controlled for on this check. The window in an early process is actively displayed, and oneself ends.

4.      Hidden
 Whether it outputs it to the file temporarily output by the System and the Hidden attribute is set.

5.      Delete
 Whether the file temporarily output is deleted after HTML is stabilized is set.

         Creation of EXE file

The dialog is displayed with "Create EXE" button that exists in the above frame preservation ahead.

At this time, please preserve another position as much as possible specifying it though the position of default becomes a position with the source file.

The source file because of being deleted when the EXE file is executed at the position with the source file it is overwrited in the same name file temporarily output in the morrow.


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