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l         What is D-NETBOX?
D-NETBOX (Dee net box). It is a tool that converts the assembly file made in the .NET development setting into native EXE. EXE and two or more DLL with the entry points are stored and it is possible to execute it.

However, the trial version has the limitation in the number of storage bytes.
Trial version download

l         Background of D-NETBOX
The following problem was not able to be solved though the .NET development setting was able to make the application easily.

1.      To the computer that executes it. When the .NET run time is not installed, it stops because of the system error. Moreover, the CLR version for which it hopes even when .NET run time is installed cannot surely be specified.

2.      There is only a technique for being able to decompile the assembly file, and not making the source code easy to read. The source's reading and being solved become fatal losses for the one to assume the development of the application to be an industry.

l         Principle of D-NETBOX
D-NETBOX is a native application. CLR is not needed because the management code is not used at all and it starts with all WindowsPC.

D-NETBOX reads the registry of the computer. The version of .NET is identified. Afterwards, specified CLR is acquired and the management environment is generated internally.

D-NETBOX makes to the instance on the memory and executes the stored assembly data. Moreover, when the reference demand of the assembly is generated, this is solved.


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