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How to use

The operation of D-NETBOX is extremely easy.

l         System requirements
 To operate by all WindowsOS that can operate 32 bit application, D-NETBOX is designed. Recommended system requirements are since Windows2000.

l         Selection of storage assembly
 Please choose the stored EXE file from File -> Select Assembly of the menu. When two or more files are chosen, choosing while pushing the CTRL key becomes a point.
 D-NETBOX.EXE is started by the icon drop or the icon drop of the window becomes the same meaning. When the storage assembly is selected again with there a storage assembly already, the assembly as before is excluded by the candidate.

l         Native EXE generation
The assembly (EXE file usually) with the entry point while assembling it is retrieved when native EXE generation button is pushed with the storage assembly exists and the file that adds the character string of four figure digits to the head of the assembly concerned name is generated. As for these four figure digits, the character of 0000-9999 is allocated automatically as never overwrite same name EXE file. Please move the generated native EXE file to another position and confirm operation.

l         オプション
The hoped CLR version is CLR version that tries acquiring when executing it.

The version is not specified when the setting is Both and the latest version is acquired.

When the setting is v1.1.4322 or v2.0.50727, The acquisition of a specified version is tried.

Please specify v2.0.50727 when you want v.3.0, v3.5, and v4.0.

The above-mentioned setting decides operation when it is not a hoped version the operation when the specified version is not obtained excluding Both.

When the setting is Executes, Versions other than hope try executing.
The effect that the hope version is not obtained is displayed when the setting is Quit and it stops.


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